My day-to-day had become methodical - checking off boxes, engrossed in, "If a then b then c" thinking. 


This class has helped me to expand my life approach and serves as a stepping stone in preparation for my path to exploring new ground in making big and exciting new life decisions. 


It's shown me a glimpse of what my gifts are and has given me basic tools I can use to create a better balance between planning/research and intuition instead of always feeling trapped if I can't arise at a concrete solution by thinking really hard.. 


It's given me more 'guts', well probably helped to uncover guts I've had all along!"

Nikki D.

Charlotte, NC

Intuition For Everyday Living

6-Week Class


Monday Nights

October 19 -November 23

7:00-8:30 PM EST

Join this soul expanding, fun intuitive development group every week for 6 weeks where you'll learn how to listen to & receive messages from your own intuition to guide your own path.

​Source your answers from within beautiful soul


We'll meet on Mondays from 7-8:30 PM EST for a 90-minutes of intuitive development where you'll learn to listen to the messages your intuition is giving you for your own personal growth while creating community, and learning about yourself in new ways.


Each week, we'll meet and learn about a new topic to connect more deeply with the messages from your intuition to lead and guide you in your own life.


**Please note this class is all about y-o-u as opposed to tapping into your intuition for reading others. You'll learn how to use your beautiful intuition more consistently, intentionally, and reliably for yourself**


We'll cover...

  • Learning how you specifically receive intuitive messages through your "Intuitive Senses" or "Clair-Abilities"
  • Developing your personal practice to connect with your guidance
  • Connecting with your Spirit Guides to receive guidance
  • Energetic boundaries & Energy Hygiene
  • Interpreting the signs, symbols, & messages you receive
  • Connecting with Spirit through Automatic Writing
  • Tapping Into Clairvoyance & Dream Work
  • Using Divination Tools to Receive Intuitive Guidance

... And more


The main focus of the group is intuitive empowerment for your personal growth & evolution.



Please note: this class is best suited for you if you feel that you are 'naturally intuitive,' and receive sporadic messages from your intuition ~ and yet you want to learn how to connect with your intuition more clearly & consistently.


Sharpen your connection with your intuition, & connect with like-spirited community from around the globe!

Early-bird participants who sign up, you'll also receive...

My signature "Intuitive Essentials Kit" by Mothball Memoirs which includes...

- Palo Santo Bundle with Amethyst & Cedar Dhup for cleansing & clearing your space

- Teomati Sacred Copal with Rain Matches for setting sacred space

- Fluorite Crystal for deeper heart centered connection to self & clearing your energy

- Your travel sized 'Intuition Journal' for writing down intuitive messages & downloads


($50 value)



Early Bird Pricing

Class Registration + Intuitive Essentials Kit

(Ends Friday, October 9)


(**2-part payment plan available**)


    Full-Bird Pricing

    Class Registration Only

    (Ends Friday, October 16)


    (aka just like... the regular price...)

    What Some Past Participants Have to Say...

    "Jess's knowledge about spirituality is beautifully delivered; she shares her own experiences, many resources, & information on many, many topics. What I liked the most is her support not only during the actual class but throughout the entire course inside & outside of class.


    Jess has been very, very supportive. She's created a safe space in/out of class, she is always checking on how we are all doing. I love the way she delivers the information; I learned a lot about many spiritual topics, and yet, she makes it all very easy to understand and relate to.


    I highly recommend this course to anyone is ready to learn about strengthening their intuition."


    ~Fernanda A., Mexico


    "My experience with this program has been amazing! I've gained knowledge for everyday tools and practices for my intuition. Since the start of this program I have felt a shift in my energy.


    This program is unique because it brings together a group of women or individuals in sort of a family connection. It's easy to be yourself, and share your stories with others who are similar to you. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone! It has brought so much light into my life, I want to share it with everyone!"


    ~Breyanna H, Colorado


    “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift,” Albert Einstein


    Let's ignite more of your magic together


    "Jess helped me to deepen my trust in myself & own the power of my own intuition at a deeper level. That is priceless. Beyond all of that, Jess has great energy, is professional, and really knows her stuff. I one-hundred percent recommend Jess."






    Jess is a teacher & guide who teaches intuitive empowerment for co-creating your unique, heart centered path. You have the answers and they rest within you.


    Join together with like-minded community and discover the answers of your soul as you travel down you intuitively guided path.

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